The CRL Rights Commission (CRL) has ignored reason and the voice of the Church and is proceeding with its agenda to enforce what is effectively State regulation and control of all religion in...

19 Aug 2017
John Benn

God created us to be in community and living in healthy community is important. In August, we will be holding a church-wide campaign, based on John Ortberg’s book Everybody’s Normal Till You Get...

14 Jul 2017
Cindy Erasmus

The Reveal Survey is so much more than just a questionnaire. Your anonymous answers help paint a picture for our staff and leadership to see exactly where we, as a church, are spiritually. In many...

13 Jun 2017
Sean Fjellvik

2 Little Fishes has been caring for 18 month olds to 4 year olds for some years now and it's been great! As Westville Baptist Church focuses its attentions on better becoming a Christ-centred...

02 Apr 2016
Jacquie Barnes

As we begin the year, our kids' and youth ministries are really eager to get started on the year of ministry ahead. Our kids' ministries have experienced explosive growth and we'd like to offer...

14 Jan 2016
Cathy Boucher

We're excited to officially unveil our new website!

With a church family as large and diverse as ours, we felt we needed to better communicate that through our website. We're excited about...

30 Dec 2015
Gareth Jacobs