Week Three Day One - Devotion

28 Aug 2017
Debbie Austwick
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What a great place to start this week! We’re talking about authenticity, and that’s great, but it can be really difficult, so we need a good reason.

Look no further: Jesus was authentic.

Read: John 11:32-43, Matthew 21:12-13, Mark 14:32-42.

These are only a few examples where we see Jesus being authentic. Here He shows sorrow, anger, torment. But there are so many more examples in Scripture.

Jesus, God in human flesh, didn’t choose to only show us His glory but rather, He set an example for us of authenticity. Jesus didn’t try to portray a false, macho, impenetrable, untouchable, cool-calm-and-collected alter-ego. Rather, He showed us what it means to be perfectly human. Perfect. And human.

The people around Him, particularly His disciples, got to view first hand. They got to watch, and even live with Authentic Jesus. What a privilege!

And what a challenge it is to us - to be so secure in who we are in Christ that we can be completely real. No hiding. No pretending. No masks. Like Jesus.

Take some time: - journal if it helps
• Thank Jesus for His example to us.
• Ask God to help you identify where you struggle to be authentic. And why?
• Commit to authenticity today (Think through what your day looks like, and pray particularly for situations where you may struggle.)
• Pray specifically that as you take off your masks, that the people around you would see Jesus today!

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