Week Five Day Two - Devotion

12 Sep 2017
Cindy Erasmus
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Slowly and prayerfully read through Matthew 18:15-20 two or three times asking God to open your eyes and reveal wonderful things through His word.

Dealing With Sin in the Church

In Matthew 18:15-20 Jesus tells us how to deal with sin in the church, the principles found in verse 15 can also be applied to dealing with conflict in general. Jesus’ instructions regarding how to deal with conflict in this verse can be broken down into seven simple steps according to John Ortberg:
1) If there is conflict
2) You
3) Go
4) To the person
5) In private
6) And discuss the problem
7) For the purpose of reconciliation

Personal reflection:
Recall all that Jesus won for you on the cross as per Ephesians 2 from yesterday, in this context reflect on the questions below.

• Are you in a conflict situation with someone at the moment? Are you ignoring or avoiding that conflict? Ask God what He may be seeking to teach you through the conflict so that you can become more Christ like.
• Are there any of the above seven principles that you have not practiced when dealing with conflict that you need to repent of?
• Who do you need to “Go” to and have a tough conversation with?
• Respond in prayer to what God has been saying to you and ask Him to give you strength and help you to live at peace with others.

Based on Chapter 7 of John Ortberg’s book Everybody’s Normal Till You Get To Know Them.

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