Lauren Bras - Mozambique

16 Feb 2016
Lauren Bras
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This is Lauren Bras, a home-grown missionary called to Mozambique, where she met her now husband Luis and pictured here with her little Diego. Her exciting family news is that her and Luis are expecting their second child in March! Here is a bit more about her ministry and how you can support her:

About Lauren:

For the past five years I have been attending a small church in the centre of the city in Mozambique. Last year I was approached by the leadership to help set up and run the Sunday School ministry. Our Sunday School consists largely of children from one of the well known drug neighbourhoods in the city. We average on about 30-35 children a week mostly under the age of 10. This is an INCREDIBLE opportunity for our church.  My ministry here this year will focus on the growth of that ministry within our church as well as various other family and children’s programs throughout the year.

Prayer Request:

Please would you be in prayer for support. Living expenses in Maputo are on the rise again. We are blessed to be staying in a flat that we pay very little rent for but are still feeling the pinch of other costs. Some of our missionary friends have had to get jobs here or have left. Won’t you pray that the Lord will keep providing enough for us to serve him well. 
For more information about how to support Lauren and her family, feel free to contact Lauren or Dané (Missions Intern).

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