Currently pornography in South Africa is illegal outside of any adult shop. The National Council of Provinces will soon be voting on a Bill to legalize online Pornography. Despite currently being...

11 Apr 2018
John Benn

As we speed into the school holidays, our church kicks into a flurry of activity as we prepare for our Holiday Club programs. We managed to grab some time with the Holiday Club Director, Cathy...

21 Jun 2016
Gareth Jacobs

As we begin the year, our kids' and youth ministries are really eager to get started on the year of ministry ahead. Our kids' ministries have experienced explosive growth and we'd like to offer...

14 Jan 2016
Cathy Boucher

I’m so incredibly excited about 2016!

I’ve loved 2015, but I really believe that God has got something amazing in store for us at Westville Baptist Church as we begin to build a Christ-...

31 Dec 2015
John Benn