As we speed into the school holidays, our church kicks into a flurry of activity as we prepare for our Holiday Club programs. We managed to grab some time with the Holiday Club Director, Cathy...

21 Jun 2016
Gareth Jacobs

At the beginning of WW1 there was, in Britain, an iconic recruiting poster calling men to volunteer for service in the armed forces. The head and shoulders of Earl Kitchener was depicted pointing...

30 May 2016
Bill Lofthouse

2 Little Fishes has been caring for 18 month olds to 4 year olds for some years now and it's been great! As Westville Baptist Church focuses its attentions on better becoming a Christ-centred...

02 Apr 2016
Jacquie Barnes

Jesus, despite his disciples’ misgivings, was on His way from Galilee to Jerusalem via Jericho and Bethany. Several incidents en route are recorded, by all four gospel writers, albeit with minor...

19 Mar 2016
Bill Lofthouse

This is Lauren Bras, a home-grown missionary called to Mozambique, where she met her now husband Luis and pictured here with her little Diego. Her exciting family news is that her and Luis are...

16 Feb 2016
Lauren Bras

When all were gathered in the room
Christ Jesus washed their feet.
“Now you’re all clean” the Master said
As He resumed His seat.

“You call me Teacher, also Lord”

18 Jan 2016
Bill Lofthouse

As we begin the year, our kids' and youth ministries are really eager to get started on the year of ministry ahead. Our kids' ministries have experienced explosive growth and we'd like to offer...

14 Jan 2016
Cathy Boucher

2 Chronicles 15:15 reads: 'This is what the Lord says 'Do not be afraid or discouraged because of this vast army. For the battle is not yours, but God's.' Separation. 400 years. North, South;...

12 Jan 2016
Bill Lofthouse

I’m so incredibly excited about 2016!

I’ve loved 2015, but I really believe that God has got something amazing in store for us at Westville Baptist Church as we begin to build a Christ-...

31 Dec 2015
John Benn

We're excited to officially unveil our new website!

With a church family as large and diverse as ours, we felt we needed to better communicate that through our website. We're excited about...

30 Dec 2015
Gareth Jacobs