Ever felt the pressure to have the perfect family photo over the holidays?

We're not just talking about picking the right filter or finding the one where everyone is actually looking at the camera. We mean getting the toddlers to sit still for just one minute. Getting the in-laws to sit at the same table despite their differences. For that one moment when the shutter closes, we try to pretend like we're the perfect family that we're emulating in the photo. But the second after that? Back to "normal".

The story of Christ's birth had no pretending; despite how quaint nativity scenes make it look, the stable was not an ideal place for a family to stay never mind a newborn. Yet, despite that the angels sang of His arrival, describing Him as the Prince of Peace, Counsellor and mighty God. Amongst the chaos of the Christmas story, hope had still arrived on earth!

Westville Baptist Church invites you to celebrate and remember the #BestChristmasEver. We're excited to present the case that God is with us in the chaos of Christmas, and indeed in our lives throughout the year.

Service Times:
Monday 24th of December: 15:30*, 17:15 & 19:00
Tuesday 25th of December: 07:00 & 08:45

Please feel free to bring the whole family - all of our services are child-friendly and our venue has wheel chair access.
* We are excited to extend a warm invitation to the deaf community of Westville, our 15:30 service on Christmas will be signed and all media played with closed captions.

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