Christmas is noisy.

Let's pretend like the lead up to the actual day is the easy part. Like summiting the mountainous piles of work, sifting through thousands of emails and fending off the crazy hordes at shopping malls is all part of the usual deal. Like the almost annoyingly jolly music hasn't been ringing in your ears for 55 days. As if the gift choosing process was just a breeze, fitting deluxe presents into a budget so tight you now understand where the Santa down the chimney analogy comes from. And finally the planning - whose parents you get to see, who's bringing what for the big meal and all of the other bits and bobs that tend to run up our blood pressure before we've even entered into the gravy-filled extravaganza.

So yes, let's pretend like all of that is the easy part, and skip to the actual noise. Somewhere in the middle of red suits and candy canes, tinsel and carols; somewhere inside all of that, is a story about a young lady who gave birth to Someone extraordinary. We love the celebration as much as everyone else, don't get us wrong, but it's gotten dangerously close to being about the celebration rather than what (or Who) we're celebrating.

This Christmas join Westville Baptist Church as we peel back the layers of noise, right back to its bare bones where it is only a whisper. We're excited to visit people in the Christmas story who encountered those whispers and how they reacted to them.

Service Times:
Sunday 24th of December: 16:00, 17:45 & 19:15
Monday 25th of December: 07:00* & 08:45

Please feel free to bring the whole family - all of our services are child-friendly and our venue has wheel chair access.
* We are excited to extend a warm invitation to the deaf community of Westville, our 07:00 service on Christmas will be signed and all media played with closed captions.

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