26 May 2019
Westville Baptist Church

The place where WBC meets is more than just a group of buildings – it is our spiritual home – where our church family gathers and worships regularly, where we invite others to visit and where we share the good news of what God has done and is doing. Heart for the Home is an invitation for us all to join in with the vision of the Church to create a home that is God-honouring and a warm, welcoming and secure place for ourselves and all those in our community to feel comfortable in.

Heart for the Home is a new tradition in our church that creates an opportunity for us to generously and sacrificially use our finances (over and above our tithing) to worship God. Over the next few weeks we are going to talking about why and how we plan to make our home welcoming, beautiful and secure. And then on the 26th of May we are going to celebrate how God has worked through our generosity.

So, let us start by praying about how we are going to contribute – this decision is a personal one between you and God. Then let’s commit this to God and prepare ourselves for the amount we will be giving. This will probably require some planning and sacrifice (budgeting for generosity is an important discipline).

And then, on 26 May, come prepared to give God your best gift!

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