For Couples

We are here for our couples both as they prepare for the exciting journey of marriage, as well as helping couples be there for each other through all the seasons of a relationship.

Marriage Preparation Classes

As a church we have the massive privilege of being invited to play a role on the wedding day of people in our community. This is (without fail) an incredible experience. We also believe that, alongside the preparation for that big day, the couple would do well to give some time to prepare for the actual marriage. This doesn't need to be a boring or dull experience at all!

Four times a year, we conduct a marriage preparation series (for five consecutive weeks) that involves lots of fun, mixed in with some massively significant moments. There is no cost attached to this event.

Contact Catherine for more information or to book your spot in the next marriage prep course.

Healthy Marriage Events

It is our belief that a healthy marriage is one of the greatest gifts that anyone can ever experience. The truth of the matter is, however, that marriage always needs a little fine-tuning.

Whether a marriage is experiencing the sunny joy of Summer or the soul-searching shadows of Winter, it can always benefit from some quality conversation, stimulating input and honest soul searching.

It is our hope as a church to provide a forum on a regular basis that tries to achieve these goals. When it comes to moulding a successful marriage, we are always keen to be an eager student.

Contact Catherine for more information on the next 'Healthy Marriage' event.